UK49 Teatime Predictions for Thursday 12 Nov 2020

UK49s Teatime hottest pairs from the latest draw on [11/11/20].

UK 49’s Lotto is one of the popular daily lottos and a closer look at the UK 49’s Teatime draw’s winning numbers for Wednesday 11 Nov 2020 will help significantly in determining the possible numbers for the upcoming draw.

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The winning numbers for the aforementioned draw are 15, 28, 37, 40, 43, 48 and 07 , these numbers look like random numbers but we will carefully analyse them in order to make a highly likely prediction.

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Only the number 37 from Wednesday’s draw is in the hottest pairs of the last 10 UK49’s Teatime Draws , ie , the hottest pairs of the last 10 UK 49s Teatime draws are 16-01, 37-30 and 10-49.

Hot and Cold numbers for the last 10 UK 49s Teatime draws.
Numbers 39, 33 and 5 are the hot numbers for the last 10 UK 49s Teatime draws and they have been drawn 6 times or more.
21, 24 and 15 are the cold balls for the last 10 UK 49s Teatime draws and these have not been drawn at all.

UK 49s most drawn numbers in history.
Numbers 11, 37, 15, 49, 23, 9 and 16 are the most commonly drawn winning numbers in the UK 49s results for the last four years
24 is the least drawn number for the same period , and it has been drawn 440 times

Your UK 49s Teatime Predictions
Using these statistics, what would be your best predictions for the UK 49s Teatime draw on Thursday, 12 Nov 2020?

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